Mario Zaninelli presents Asian Journal at “Torino Spiritualità”

This year, which corresponds to the Centenary of the birth of Thomas Merton. The publisher Gabrielli located in Verona reiterated Asian Journal, the opera composed by Naomi Burton – Patrick Hart – James Laughlin based of original notes Trappist writer during his trip to East of 1968, during which he met his tragic death. The first release in the Italian language with Garzanti dates back to 1975 and for many years the book was no longer in circulation. Don Mario Zaninelli, scientific coordinator of our Association, this new edition and wanted to draft it in its ‘ pure ‘ form, i.e. free of various appendices that burdened the first draft, making it more streamlined and more accessible. The work, in addition to presenting a brief introduction of the same Zaninelli, is embellished with an introduction by don Antonio Montanari, a professor at the Theological Faculty of Italy.

The Publisher has made known his ‘ novelty ‘ under ‘ events ‘ 2015 Torino Spiritualità, with a specific Conference that Mario hold on September 24. This had a success that went beyond expectations, due to both the competence and communication skills of our coordinator and the conjunction of the Pope’s speech to Congress USA, during which he talked about Thomas Merton as a figure of American reference for the modern world. The hundred or so people in attendance have followed with keen interest, is also indicated by the final discussion and interviews of reporters and journalists who have been detained for a long time the rapporteur.  As Thomas Merton Italy Association we welcome the success of this important cultural moment that enriches the panorama of initiatives to celebrate the Centenary.